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We are back for 2015! From the inception of the "That Was Then, This Is Now" event until now, we are learning that the Mississippi River always wins! Therefore after past floods and event date changes, we have wised up to move the event to Labor Day Weekend, September 4-6, 2015. We have moved to Labor Day Weekend to give people an extra day to come and enjoy themselves and still have time to travel back home.

The new date also gives people the opportunity to visit the nation's largest antique motorcycle show and swap meet at Davenport, Iowa on Friday, Sept. 4th. The Chief Blackhawk Motorcycle Club host the 44th Annual Chief Blackhawk Motorcycle Fall International Meet!

We personally, never miss this event. Once you attend it, you will understand why as the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds located just 20 minutes East from Muscatine on Hwy 61, is filled with beautiful antique Henderson, Excelsior, Triumph, BSA, Norton, Harley Davidson, Indian, motorcycles. Even if you remember the Honda Mini Trail or the Husky and Bultaco age, they have them all. When was the last time you seen a 305 Honda Dream? Also the American Pickers, from History Channel fame, are there bartering for old bikes and parts. On Friday evening they have flat track races with antique motorcycles dating back to 1908! Not just for show, but they are racing them all out as if it was for all the marbles!

You can come to Muscatine on Friday to get set up if you would like as it is pretty informal on Friday, and then go to Davenport to the motorcycle extravaganza, or go to Davenport Friday , and come early Saturday morning to Muscatine to get set up.

Our event will feature antique & classic boats, raceboats, street rods, muscle cars, antique cars, custom cars, race cars, motorcycles, motorscooters, antique bicycles, RC boats & cars & airplanes & hovercrafts.

This year the event will also feature the "Mississippi River Hovercraft Rally" which is brought to our event as a regional hovercraft event with the Universal Hovercraft Company and Hover Club of America helping to promote the event.

In closing, our event is a culmination of any unique form of horsepower or human powered vehicles that draws interest, and even a craft show for the ladies while their significant others roam the grounds. The object is to just fun for all!

There is also the Mississippi River Cardboard Boat Regatta, and Gutterboat Regatta that take place on Saturday the September 5th, which brings a crowd to see who floats or sinks and also open to all to participate. This is a bi-annual event so don't miss it on

Labor Day Weekend 2015!

Or you will have to wait 2 years till 2017 for us to be back!

For information on our past events, click on our other tabs and also like us on Facebook at Muscatine Boat Show. The event is free to participate in or attend as the general public.

So where is Muscatine ? We are centrally located no more than 4 hours from any Midwest City including Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Louis, Madison, Des Moines, and Omaha. We reside in the middle of all of them and right on the Mighty Mississippi with over 30 acres of waterfront park. For more information feel free to contact


Any questions or suggestions feel free to contact Dave Moritz at or 563-260-1970.

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